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Address:       25 Florence Circle
                      Medway, MA   02053  
Telephone:  (508)-533-4803
E-mail:          garage-guru@garage-guru.com  or  shirleydpearson@yahoo.com
Garage-Guru is a company local to Medway, Massachusetts, that specializes in the reorganization of problem storage areas such as garages, sheds, basements, attics, crawl spaces, closets and home offices.  We serve Medway and surrounding communities. 
If you would like to have the flexibility of fitting your car in your garage, your mower in your shed, your treadmill in your basement, or your shoes in your closet, but you just can't seem to manage it, don't despair.  You are not alone, and your problem can be solved.

If you plan on doing your reorganization yourself, please make sure you check out our Self-Help Links for information regarding where to donate your unwanted and extra 'stuff'!

At Garage-Guru, our goal is to help you gain control over your space so that the things you use regularly are accessible, the things you use occasionally can be found quickly when needed, and the things you don't use at all do not exist!